Angel Leigh was featured in the A&E TV series Cursed: The Bell Witch and has a non-fiction book written about her God given gift, THROUGH THE EYES OF ANGEL LEIGH (Written by Dr. Sue Clifton, Available on Amazon & Double Dragon Publishing.) Since Angel Leigh was only 3 years old, she was able to see people that have passed. Keeping it a secret from the world, she and her family felt it was the right thing to do since living in a small town in Mississippi. As she grew older, Angel’s difference frightened her, making her think she was a “devil child.” But God sent blue bubbles to comfort her and her bubbles follow her even today. Angel Leigh explains, “I am a messenger, not a medium. I do not seek the dead; the dead seek me. My duty is to bring peace and closure to those left grieving by giving them messages from their loved ones passed.”  Angel Leigh not only has helped many others along the way, but has finally learned one of the most important things in this journey and that is to accept who you truly are. After the TV series, she felt God was leading her pathway and in order to do so, she had to go public with her gift. You can follow her on Facebook, Angel Leigh Spiritual Messenger and subscribe to her YouTube to watch her in action. Angel Leigh has made 100’s of connections with people all over the world. People who attend her events say they had never seen anyone as accurate and detailed as Angel. Angel is quick to tell you that she is a Christian and will never force a connection. She lets the Soul(s) come to her. The motto Angel Leigh lives by is, “If it’s Gods will…It will happen.”